Adventurous Heart Beats

I’m learning a lot of things as I’m beginning to break-in the jeans of adulthood, and right now God is teaching me a lot about intentionality and intimacy. I’ve realized something recently, and I’d like to share these thoughts. Culture today leans strongly on BIG moments–ones that can be photographed and easily put on a newsfeed. We’ve begun to live only for those moments, as if nothing else matters.

Think about it:

  • kids going to prom ask in elaborate, photographable ways
  • engagements aren’t intimate settings, but open videoed events
  • any type of announcement (like marriage, baby, graduation, job promotion) isn’t even considered “official” until it makes it to social media

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying that any of those things are bad in and of themselves. I’m just saying that we’ve started to believe, at least at a subconscious level, that those big moments are the only things that make us happy and give our lives worth or value.

Take me for example: when I was travelling the world in 2015, my life looked REALLY perfect and exciting from the outside. I can’t tell you how many people told me they enjoyed following my “adventures” and thought “it looked really fun” and I “must’ve had a blast!” Social media saw the highlight reel of my trip. That year was one of the absolute hardest years of my life. I cried more that I even remember (ask any of my teammates). People told me they wished they could have traded places with me, or they’re sorry that I’m back and my “adventures are over.”

Wow. It’s as if the only purpose and meaning for my life was to travel the world for a single year. Why does our culture think that? Because it was BIG and out of the ordinary and “brave.” Now I guess I’ll just mosey back to “normal life.”

I’m sorry. WHAT? No. No no no no no no. I won’t. I’m not in denial, either. I’ve just realized something that I was previously missing, and you might be too.

No matter where you are in life (locally, spiritually, physically, etc.), I have a secret for you that you might be missing.:

Life is an adventure.

I’m not saying that because you can do wild and crazy things all the time. I’m saying that it’s crazy that you can inhale a breath of air, and your body translates that into energy. It’s insane that you can see such incredible colors all around you, which trigger different chemicals in your brain. It is absolutely crazy that you can communicate your thoughts with another human being and exhibit different emotions and ideas. It is bonkers that you can look into another human’s eyes and get to KNOW the depths of their souls.

Or maybe you haven’t experienced that last miracle because you’re too busy staring at a screen instead of at another human.

What happened to the moments in between the ceremonies? What happened to listening to the miracle of somebody’s breathing? What happened to feeling your heart beat faster at the sound of another person’s voice?

Maybe you feel sorry for yourself because you’ve never experienced these big moments, or that you haven’t had the right ones.

Or maybe you’re missing the beauty of life in front of you because you’re too busy wishing it could be captured in 1.7 megabytes or less, so that your friends could just understand that your life is just as exciting as theirs always seems to be.

If you think your life isn’t an adventure, maybe you should stop wishing it would turn into an adventure and realize that it already is one.


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