Clarity vs. Peace

Do you crave knowledge about what and why more than you crave a better relationship with God? Heather writes about sitting under the right tree in this blog post on craving clarity and knowledge.

grafted root

IMG_2031 Picture: Swaziland – April 2015

I recently was at a conference in Georgia where some incredible speakers came and shared what was on their heart for the group of 120 20-30-something-year-olds who recently returned to their homeland after gallivanting around the world in Jesus name (we finished the World Race!). Sessions with titles such as “How Not To Suck” and “How To Set Goals” were taught, notes were taken, and inspiration and motivation was spurred. It was like a series of Ted Talks, really. Though learning how not to suck and how to set goals were very beneficial talks, there is one session that I haven’t been able to get off my mind. It was all about clarity. Oh, that word! It’s probably been in every prayer of mine since returning home. That is, until this moment of peace that changed my perspective of the unknown.

Before this…

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